UNDP - 00082613 - – (Reannouncement) Supply of magnetic water treatment equipment

Agency UNDP
Project title Adaptation Fund
Project ID 00082613
Competitive process title – (Reannouncement) Supply of magnetic water treatment equipment
Competitive process ID RFQ/048/19
Date of announcement 19-09-2019 17:50
Bid submission deadline 24-09-2019 18:00

Dear Sirs,

We request your duly signed and sealed price quotation in a company letterhead and additional details as outlined, latest by 18:00 (GMT +5) on or before 25 September 2019.  

You may deliver physically in a sealed envelope to the United Nations Building, 4, Taras Shevchenko street, Tashkent 100029, Uzbekistan.

Alternatively, you may submit it electronically in .pdf format to bids.uz@undp.org 

Quotation submitted by e-mail must be limited to a maximum size of 5 MB, virus-free and consist of no more than 3 email transmissions. Otherwise, such quotations will be rejected.

Your bid should contain the following reference either on the envelope or email subject:

RFQ/048/19 – (Reannouncement) Supply of magnetic water treatment equipment

Please follow these instructions and be mindful of deadlines. Bids submitted through other means or to other addresses will not be accepted.

UNDP will consider an award to the quotation which complies with all requirements in full and offers the lowest price. UNDP reserves the right to conduct post qualification exercise by requesting additional documents/clarifications/information if deemed necessary.

Any offer that does not meet requirements shall be rejected. UNDP is under no obligation to accept any bid.

Any request for additional information or queries must be sent/addressed to Procurement Unit three business days prior to the deadline in writing to pu.uz@undp.org.  


Yours Sincerely,

 Procurement Unit

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